Metal Roofing in Pasadena, TX

Metal Roofing is a durable, low maintenance roofing option.

There are many design options to choose from.

Double A Roofing contractors bring you nearly 20 years of experience, providing quality and dependable work in our community. We install metal roofing systems that offer low-maintenance solutions. Metal roofing also stands up against the harsh Texas weather, providing protection from our high winds and hail. Metal roofing systems generally last up to 50 years, while providing protection from leaks, cracks, and other common issues that come with other roofing materials. There are metal roofing styles that use panels that interlock, providing a seal to keep the elements of rain and wind outside.

We have expert roofing installers that will make the installation a professional and safe option for your family’s new roof. Metal roofing is long lasting and eco-friendly and offers a greater design flexibility. Some of the most common metal types used for roofing include aluminum, steel, copper and zinc. There are also a wide range of colors to choose from, making your home truly unique.
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Metal Roof

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